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香港1990/2010 ......穿過不能捉摸的時間,只能感覺,不能操控,但四維世界卻是活生生的 真實;時間與空間有不可分割的微妙關係,但昔日的時間卻彷彿不著痕跡地 悄悄溜走,留下憔悴的空間讓人憑弔。攝影師WU嘗試以千禧年作分界,在其 前後經歷近廿年的時光,重訪居住地香港的各區不同地方,用地誌攝影的方式 作時間戳記,記錄香港回歸前後兩個十年間(1990/2010)的變化,以比對方式 把城市景觀久歷時間的痕跡展現,盼能讓觀眾游走於時空,體驗穿梭時間的 視覺旅程。

HONG KONG 1990/2010 ……could the time we walked through only be perceived, not conquered, nor touched, the 4-dimentional world is however a lively reality. There exists a delicate but subtle relationship between time and space, amid the untraceable past times passed silently, what left behind was a lonely space for us to recall and remember. Photographer WU set apart the time before and after millennium, in course of almost two decades across the sovereignty handover  (1990 / 2010)  revisited numerous of places he once visited, documented the changes of cityscape of Hong Kong through the time using a topographic approach. By contrasting the timestamp of the same place distanced by time, he hopes to give the viewers a visual journey of time.


  • 攝影師概述 於2010年這一系列被選為「Grain & Pixel香港點對點」系列的紀實影像,旨在 反映著香港社會過去廿年間的急速變化(1990~2010)。於2000年前拍攝的都是用 化學方式顯影,其後的都是用數碼相機拍攝的。在菲林年代的影像包含著 不確定性,拍攝的時候我對未來提出了疑問,而透過實時顯像的數碼相機, 卻可嘗試去找答案!不僅看到影像數碼化帶來的變奏,也喚醒我們時代變革 為社會帶來的差異。 攝影及作者WU

    Overview by Photographer        In 2010 almost 30 images of Hong Kong’s cityscape have been selected as a documentary collection “Grain & Pixel”. The objective of this documentary series was reflecting the repaid changes in the past two decades (1990~2010) of Hong Kong society. In film era I questioned the future by non-instant tools. After the photography industry amply turned to digital, I have tried to answer by a live view digital camera. The images captured before 2000 are all chemically developed. Every pair of images are not only contrast of the past and present, but also contrast of ‘grained’ and ‘pixelated’, showing how photography changes against time. ── WU, photographer and author  

  • 225x150x15mm/98pp(handmade手工書)/100 Limited Edition

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