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Hello!Do you remember me?


In a distant era, there used to be a yellow page in the public phone booths in Hong Kong, for users to flip through and reach who you are looking for. In the 1980s, people frequently used the booths, and there were many scenes in Hong Kong movies of people calling in the booths. The usage was even at its peak during the 1990s when people started to use pagers, and it was not unusual for them to queue for ten minutes at the booths. Those long waiting in line may swear at the users. Nowadays, the prevalence of mobile phones has changed our way of communication. We are so eager to express ourselves yet unwilling to listen to others, that is echoed by a scene in the Hong Kong movie  ‘Golden Chicken S’ in which the leading actress, Ah Kam, while teaching Gordon how to communicate via WhatsApp, says that there is so much fun for sending out a voice message by just pressing a button. With the passage of time, we no longer use public phone booths, and we are thinking that the booths should be demolished due to the obstruction of public areas. As demolishments are going on rapidly in Hong Kong, there may only be one public phone booth left in the future, solely serving the function of being tagged on social media. If you only had one Hong Kong dollar left to make your last call in a public phone booth, to whom would you call?

很久以前,香港的公眾電話亭傍邊會 有一本黃頁,在使用電話亭時方便查 閱,只要你想找那個人或那間店都能 找到。 八十年代公眾電話亭是大家會經常用 到的,而香港電影也會拍攝有人與人 溝通電話的情段,到了九十年代更是 高峰期,人們會開始使用傳呼機在街 上排隊等候十分鐘是平常的事,如果 傾得太耐會被排隊等候的人“問候” 現時香港人基本都有手提電話,人與 人的溝通方式變了,就如香港電影 “金雞sss”的女主角阿金教哥頓利 用WhatsApp通訊,說好過癮的按下制 把說話送出,我地只想表達不需要鈴 聽時移世易我們已經不再使用這些公 眾電話亭,而且開始覺得它是阻塞地 方要拆,香港很多東西都拆得很快, 可能將來只剩下一部留作大家打卡用 最後如果有得比你用一元使用電話亭 你會致電給誰呢?

Hello!Do you remember me?/Hang Tam

  • 268x190x25mm,172pages

  • Hang TAM

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