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存在」,是中外哲學家多年來一直愛討論的課題,相對於人類或動、植物等有機物,「人造物件」的那種「本質先於存在」就絕對是簡單得多了。每件人造之物,皆是先有其構思概念繼而被製造出來,也可說是,其存在之前便已被賦予了存在的意義。只不過,每件物件是否都如其製造者所願地發揮出它本身的功能?在盡過其「職責」以後,它存在的意義又是否跟著完結? “Existence” has been a popular discussion topic among philosophers worldwide throughout history, while ‘Artifact’ has a much simpler definition as compare to human being or other living things, for its essence exists prior to existence. Every piece of artifact was created based on conceptual framework -- it was meant to exist before it even existed. However, does every piece of artifact function according to its creator’s intention? After it accomplished its mission, would the value of its existence be over altogether

存在∕不存在 Existence / Nonexistence/Hang Tam 譚昌恒

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