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In addition to physical books, a certain shutter also publishes e-books. This book was completed from 2015 to 2019. In addition to recording my experience on the road of photography, there are also some who have helped my predecessors, friends and readers in photography. Only with them can I continue to persevere.

某個快門 A certain shutter/Hang Tam 譚昌恒

  • 譚昌恒HangTam

  • 他認為只有通過拍攝,才能感到「自己」這個角色的存在,填補了人生 中心靈及時間上的某種空虛,這也是他一直拍攝的理由,令他透過攝影一遍又一遍重新認識自己。 2002年,從事解款員的工作期間遇到劫案,右頸的大動脈被割開。雖 然幸運地從死神手中逃了出來但潛意識裡某種不能言喻的不安也反映 在他的作品內。攝影對他來說,不是美化一件事的藝術, 因為在按下 快門時,事物早已存在。
    He believes photography is the only way for him to feel his own existence. It fills up the emptiness in time and soul of his life. He rediscovers and reinvents himself, one picture at a time. it is, perhaps, the reason why he keeps taking pictures. Back in 2002, a robbery happened when Hang worked as a escort. His neck was cut and the right carotid artery was bleeding heavily. Fortunately, he escaped from the hand of death, but the anxiety remains in his subconscious and pictures ever seen. He deeply believes photography is not about prettifying an object. Neither does it clones the reality as it is.

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