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“Scope”是在持槍射擊時使用瞄準鏡進行瞄準的行為。 “Scope”的行為一旦開始,自身便被交給了畫框外潛在威脅的現實。



Each copy comes with a random style poster
"Scope" refers to the act of using a scope to aim during firearm shooting. Once the act of "scoping" begins, one exposes oneself to the realities of potential threats beyond the frame.
Picking up a camera itself is an act of rebellion, just as "Shoot" encompasses the meanings of capturing photographs and firing a gun. The documentation aspect of photography serves an interpretive function, making it a means of arming oneself and defending one's self. Keep taking photographs incessantly, preventing the world from fading away in our impressions. An image can be a reflection of a segment of reality, or a projection of an artificial, overlooked, anticipated reality.
Cities are a fusion of reality and illusion, and this is particularly evident in the two cities captured by three photographers in the first edition of "SCOPE" – Shanghai and Hong Kong. The world is a negative that is continuous exposed and developed. The "Shoot" of a camera, is about replicating reality, capturing the light of the world, transforming it into one's own harvest. It cannot directly touch the reality being photographed but rather replicates and interprets it, challenging it. As reality continues to deteriorate, "SCOPE" is born.

SCOPE Vol.1/光年碗、HOIYU、再見張也

  • 265x380 mm,52 pp

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